Wild Animal Removal

Trap and Remove Your Unwanted Pests

Choose us for animal control services in Fellsmere, FL

Wild animals are known to dig holes around your lawn and find shelter in your attic and crawl space. This can cause major damage to the structure of your home. The professionals at Savings Pest Control offer catch-and-release wildlife control services to protect your home and our wildlife. From snakes to squirrels, we'll safely trap and remove the animal from your home and ensure that all access points are sealed so the critter can't return.

If you notice unwanted wildlife in or around your Fellsmere, FL home, call Savings Pest Control for professional animal control services.

Don't let wild animals ruin your property

While wild animals are fun to watch scamper around your yard, they can become a huge problem if they take over your property.

Wild animals can create a variety of problems for your property, including:

  • Home damage - Some animals bury their food and burrow in small, dark spaces. They can tear into walls, pry up roof tiles and gnaw into siding to build nests.
  • Fire hazards - Rats, mice and squirrels will chew on electrical cables, leaving live wires exposed. Exposed wires can quickly ignite fires in your insulation or drywall.
  • Biting and noise - Because squirrels are known to dig and climb, they often make loud scratching and biting noises. We'll remove them and make sure they don't return.
  • Digging up gardens - Rabbits love to burrow around the perimeter of your property and find their favorite treats in your garden. We can safely remove and relocate rabbit nests.
With our wildlife control services, you'll rest assured knowing your home and family are safe. Reach to Savings Pest Control and discuss your animal control options; call 772-562-1515 today.

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