Rodent Control

Rodents Don't Belong in Your Home

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Many rodents carry and spread dangerous diseases. Their dangerous feeding and nesting habits will destroy the structure and safety of your home. At Savings Pest Control, we provide dependable rodent control services. Our rodent exterminator will offer the best solution to get control of the rats, mice, opossum and bats around your property.

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Do you have a rat infestation?

Rats are sneaky and evasive, so it's often easier to see signs of rats rather than the rat itself. Some obvious signs are:

  • Rat droppings - Typically dark brown and shaped like a grain of rice.
  • Rub markings - Look for dirt and mud smudges on walls and baseboards.
  • Scratching noises - Rats are climbers and usually make scratching sounds.
If you think you have a possible rat infestation, please call now to speak to our rodent exterminator about our fast and effective rodent control services.

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